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Pinto Battery
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Mistra Battery

The reports of 1714-15 highlighted the need to built a battery to defend Mistra Bay. However it seems that for a number of years nothing was done to defend this bay. Some years later a semi-circular gun platform was constructed however it was only during Pinto’s Grandmastership that the block-houses and the Redan were constructed. Till this date the battery still has the Coat of Arms of Pinto. The other coat of arms found is that of Bailli de Montagnac. In 1770 it was armed with just one 8pdr gun however in 1785 there were no guns whatsoever. Today it is used as a store for the fish farming activity in Mistra Bay however it is in a very bad state of preservation.

Below: The Coat of Arms of Grand Master Fra Manoel Pinto de Fonseca found on the entrance of the Battery.

Below: The ditch of Pinto Battery. On the left side there is the gun platform full of rubbish belonging to the Fish Farming Company which uses the battery.

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